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Three key words best represent our concept of cuisine: territory, localisation and seasonality.


Our chef is inspired by everything around him. On our menu, for example, the dish called ‘Altopiano Ibleo’ stands out for its originality. As is easy to guess from the name, for the realisation of this dish the Chef allowed himself to be overwhelmed by the view that the restaurant overlooks: looking at – and savouring – the dish is a bit like looking beyond our hills, freeing the gaze and the imagination as far as the coast.


All the ingredients you will find in our dishes are either strictly locally sourced, such as organic products from the estate, or limited to our beautiful region. The sun, earth and air of our beloved Sicily allow us to bring the highest quality and taste to our table. The strong link with the territory, moreover, does not only concern the origin of the food, but also the drinks; all the types of wine and beer we have chosen for your tastings, in fact, are of strictly territorial origin.


We attach great importance to the freshness of raw materials. That is why our menu is always renewed, following the changing seasons. A seasonal product has unsurpassed organoleptic characteristics that can lend personality, flavour and uniqueness to any dish.


Fabio Ulcano

In the kitchen of the Gramole restaurant, every dish is created by the skilful hands of our Chef Fabio Ulcano, who creates and elaborates his dishes by skilfully working each ingredient. Nothing is left to chance and every flavour, every texture, every combination can be traced back to our culinary tradition, revisited in a modern key.