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Adopt a tree

Have you ever dreamed of tasting the oil produced by an olive tree that you have seen grow, that you have accompanied throughout the year, watching it change with the seasons?

With the ‘Adopt a Tree‘ project you can choose and name your olive tree, we will take care of it. You can monitor it at any time via our message or e-mail and at harvest time enjoy the oil from your olives!

By adopting a tree from the estate, you will have the option of picking the fruit yourself from ‘your’ tree at our farm, or we will pick the fruit so you can receive ‘your’ oil in the comfort of your own home.

For each tree adopted, you will receive a 3 litre tin of oil with renowned organoleptic properties, recognised and repeatedly awarded in prestigious international competitions.

Send an e-mail to for more information on how to join the ‘adopt a tree’ project.