From "our land" to your table

The Mediterranean on your table

We cultivate the olives of our land and turn them into oil of the highest quality. You will feel all the flavor and genuineness of the Mediterranean in all your dishes.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We cultivate our olive trees without the use of herbicides, pesticides or any chemical product. We respect all the quality standards thanks to the cold extraction.

KmØ – The complete oil chain

From the land to the consumer! At Tenuta Chiaramonte all the production processes of the extra virgin olive oil are carried out in the estate: from cultivation, harvesting, milling, storage, bottling and distribution.

Tenuta Chiaramonte

"Where the olive finishes, the Mediterranean also ends" (F. Braudel)

The reality of a dream: always excellence

This is the dream of a company that wanted to bring into the present, and wants to bring into the future, the heritage of a never forgotten tradition. We cultivate and work with avant-garde techniques, in absolute respect of our environment.

Since ancient times, traditional literature has consecrated the olive, and thus its cultivation, as a symbol of humility, but also of strength and resistance. Likewise, the fruits it gives to the Earth faithfully reflect the priceless value it has conquered in the world.

Mediterranean Ambrosia: Biological guarantee

To provide you a high quality extra virgin olive oil we have carefully followed every single stage of the production chain, in line with tradition: from sowing to harvesting, from crushing to preservation, to bottling, to allow you to taste a final product in harmony with nature and with indisputable benefits for health.

We made the ethical choice to believe in the potential of organic agriculture because it allows us to respect the resources of our planet and at the same time enhance our health.

Cultivated hectares
Olive trees
produced olive oil

Our strength?
The short chain!

From the land to the consumer

Our philosophy is to promote an important and at the same time innovative project focused on a specific aim: valorize every step of the production process and carry them out inside our estate.

From cultivation to processing, everything takes place there, where we have imagined for a long time: We treat olives with the same attention and passion of our ancestors. 

Thus, the product comes directly from the hands of the farmer to your table: a tasty and high quality olive oil, perfectly integrated with the high standards of olive oil market







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